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Her plavix generic name was Lisa. She had perfect straight blonde hair, blue eyes, and a perpetual tan. She dated the cutest guy on the http://accutanegeneric-online.com/ junior high football team. She always did slightly better than I did in all my classes. She was my friend. She was my nemesis.

I thought I had forgotten plavix at risk launch about Lisa, about junior high, and about feeling as though I viagra price d

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Bad advice

I have a love/hate relationship with Salon’s advice columnist, Cary Tennis: I love to read his readers’ dilemmas but I hate to read his advice. I mean, I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy, but more often than not, I’m either left scratching my head at the tangent on which he rode his imagination pony into the

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sunset, or I’m shaking my head at the utter wrongness of the advice he’s fed his eager inquirer. Today’s “Since You Asked” is about housework, that old feminist trope http://www.salon.com/mwt/col/tenn/2007/08/23/laundry/index.html http://blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com/2007/06/15/marriage2/

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shoes13Let me start by saying I don’t generally go in for anxiety much. I’ve never been a worrier, and waking up at night with something on my mind almost never happens.

Until now. The culprit: My second try at a Half Marathon, coming up this Saturday.

Last year at this time, I ran 13.1 miles for the first time ever. I had retin a online pharmacy trained since the previous June, and was bolstered (believe it or not) by a big fall in September that gave me a concussion and 12 stitches in my head. After that, I was NOT pharmacy-24hour-canadian.com going to quit running. And I didn’t. I knew I could finish a Half Marathon. And I did.

This year feels totally different. I have been running since last year, and actually did a series of hills and speedwork at Shelby does generic cialis work Farms this soma online pharmacy summer. (For nonrunners, what you get from speedwork is the realization that you won’t die from going faster; it just feels like it. And it makes an easy jog feel like walking.) I joined my wonderful St. Mary’s training group again in August, micardis cost and have pretty much done all of the workouts. Even Holly, our coach and an experienced distance runner, told me today to “trust my training,” and Ellen, my likely partner http://viagra24onlinepharmacy.com/ on Saturday in the race, is sure that “we’ve got this.”

So what’s my problem?

I hear from experienced distance runners that this kind of anxiety isn’t unusual. I haven’t run as much as I usually do this week; maybe these are the yips I have read about. I am a little worried that Ellen, who has done several triathlons since last year, will leave me in the dust Saturday. I know exactly how long 13.1 is now, and it’s LONG. I’d like to point out that the impending ice storm — set to arrive Friday — doesn’t worry me. I’ve run along Lake Michigan in February. Cold is better than hot.

All I can say is: Wish me luck. Maybe by the time you read this, I’ll be finished. (You can follow my progress on a neat app that St. Jude uses. What a great cause. And THANKS to everyone who is supporting me in my newly acquired status as a Hero.)

Actually, just thinking about all of the support I’ve viagra street value found this year for my running, not to mention the stalwart pals who are always there to lift me up, I feel a lot better. Maybe I’ll go lay out my clothes for Saturday.


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NUcomputerkeyWhew. I have just finished the second week of my Medill MOOC, Understanding Media by Understanding Google. I have committed to doing this ALL online, so in addition to the intellectual challenge of the various viewpoints of the SIX authors (plus Prof. Youngman) we are reading, I have to use extra brain cells remembering where I read something, highlighting the important stuff, etc., etc. I feel as though my brain is being rewired as I go, which is both exhausting and exhilarating.

Observations for this week: Google has pervaded online American life much more thoroughly than I knew before I began this course, and it makes me more than a little uneasy. I wish I still worked at The Commercial Appeal, because the stuff my friends and I used to daydream about — outsourcing ad sales to Google, concentrating on great local coverage in an online format that was easy to navigate, breaking down silos between reporters and departments — really will be the next generation of journalism. This is most surprising to me, that I feel this optimistic about the news business. I have come to believe that most news-on-paper outlets will go away, but good reporting and journalism doesn’t have to be printed on paper to gain an audience. The question is: How can journalists make a living working only online, for a company that doesn’t understand how the world has changed?

Finally, I’ve learned some cool Google tricks. Check out HandWrite (still in beta testing), and get your local teenager to show you all of the highlighting and annotating features that Kindle now serves up. Oh, and have you tried Google Voice? Very cool. Almost makes me stop dreaming of Siri.

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