cumberland.JPGSeems like that’s really the question in the flap about what should happen to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church archives and administration building at the corner of Union and Rembert. Chick-fil-A bought it in February, and now looks to be getting ready to bulldoze it and build a new restaurant. In fact, I got an urgent E-mail from Memphis Heritage this morning saying that the fast food company has applied for a demolition permit from Code Enforcement, without even meeting with representatives of Memphis Heritage, which seems pretty low to me. Though in The CA story I’ve linked above, the commercial real estate broker is quoted as saying they couldn’t sell this old, neglected building any other way, and wouldn’t it be better to have something there that was adding to the tax rolls?

Lots of things get me down about Memphis, even when the azaleas are blooming and the Redbirds are at AutoZone. But the idea that we can’t figure out how to save even some of the old buildings on our main streets is beyond depressing. As is yet another fast food restaurant on Union. To tell

Chick-fil-A what you think of their plans, call 404.765.8000 TODAY.

Posted Thursday, April 17th, 2008 at 11:25 am
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