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I should be used to it by now, but discount cialis I can never get over how, the minute the turkey leftovers are put away, Southerners get out their Christmas stuff. Maybe it’s viagra online uk like this in Ohio now, too, but when I was growing up, no one put their tree up until at least the second week of December, then we kept it up until Epiphany, or when the magi finally reached the Christ child.



I need

to stop complaining, though, because a short walk around my lovely neighborhood tonight was just what I needed for the post-holiday blues. It’s appropriately chilly, the big tree in Christmas Tree park is lit, and the halls up and down our block are decked.

Now for some holiday spirit of my own.

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In the midst of an otherwise wonderful weekend

full of old friends, good football, beautiful weather and good food and drink, my friend Peggy got word from her kennel in Illinois that her 9-year-old dog had had a sudden heart attack, and was dead. It was a horrible jolt for her, and cast a shadow over the end of our weekend, though she did a good job of pretending she wasn’t thinking about her empty house, and the memories and dog toys awaiting her at home.



Peggy is one of my oldest friends, and she’s never been the confessional type. Even in the midst of some deep sorrows we’ve shared over the years, talking about her feelings doesn’t comes easily. You have to listen carefully. And here is what I heard this weekend: Her dogs give her an identity, and are the companionship she counts on now that her boys are grown and out of the house, and her hard-working husband regularly comes home late. My heart won’t soon forget her teary first reaction to Roy’s death: “He was my best friend!”

It’s interesting to watch some of our friends, whose children are older, and who are clearly moving into the next stage of their lives. Should they try to sell their lovely big home (near the Lake Michigan dog beach) for something smaller? What kind of work is Peggy meant to do, now that she has viagra from canada a master’s and more free time than ever? How do we define ourselves once our children no longer determine the shape of cheap cialis online the day?

Of course, I am a few years away from this transition, and have a different kind of life. But with Roy’s passing, and thinking of Peggy’s big empty house, it sure makes me wonder how I’ll navigate it once the time comes for me. Are you ever ready for that kind of journey?

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So where have I been for the last year and a half? Why have I not been writing regularly, though I whine about it to nearly every friend I have? I’ve been asking myself those questions for quite a while, and some of the answers I’ve come up

with aren’t too comfortable.

Yes, I miss journalism, and asking questions all day, and telling other people’s stories. But I also miss the instant cred and name recognition that came with having a

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regular newspaper column.

I’ve been worried that if I admitted I was still a journalist — or still wanted to be — it would somehow be a step off the hard-won path to my cialis online without prescription newer vocation, as someone who cialis pills is painstakingly learning how to be a fundraiser, school communicator and manager in a culture I’ve never experienced before.

But almost every day I come up with a column idea, or get mad about something, or see a story — not all of them are at St. Mary’s, though some are — and think: I should be writing about that.

So here goes. Please read, comment and help me find my voice again. I hope it never really went away.

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