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SummerGateThere, I said it: I have joined a writer’s group.

Truthfully, it’s something I thought I would never do. Of course I am a writer. I write for a living. I never have trouble coming up with ideas, then sitting down to write them. Writing is like breathing for me, something I love, something I do well.

Until now.

It’s tough for me to admit, but I have been in a creative dry spot — okay, desert — for a couple of years. Since I left my journalism job four years ago, I haven’t been compelled to write every day, so I haven’t. I have done lots of other things — learned to raise money, raised a middle schooler, run a half-marathon — but my writing, and by extension, my creative self, has been shoved far down my to-do list. I have had a couple of painful wake-up calls in the last weeks that have only reinforced my embarrassment about my shriveled creativity.

But this summer, I have hope, in the form of two creative colleagues and a promise to hold each other accountable for writing something at least once a week. We have had a couple of lovely conversations already, and I admire their commitment and bravery in wanting to tell some of their stories well. (Hey, yeah. Writing well is HARD.)

So off I go, along with them, through the garden gate, on to … what?

Here’s what:

— A revival of this blog. Surely Jennifer can’t be the only one who can fit a terrific blog into an already full life, though she does it so well. (Give me a few weeks to figure out how to take the outdated Skirt/CA stuff off the sidebar, update the categories, etc.)

— Regular writing, just for me. Time to tell some of those stories that ping around in my head all the time.

— Pitching and writing at least ONE story/column/article for a newspaper or magazine. Yes, I want to commit some journalism this summer.

Wish me luck.

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