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You know how there are some foods that instantly remind you of a particular time in your life? Pink grapefruit when I was pregnant, for viagra prices example.

I found another special taste again today, quite unexpectedly. I have a staff meeting tomorrow morning, during which we’re going to talk about scintillating topics like the upcoming year’s calendar and strategic plan. Worse, I am going to be doing lots of the talking. So I decided that I’d bring breakfast, just to make the morning a little happier.

We love stuff like donuts and scones in our office, but no one really needs them (least of all me), so I decided I’d make homemade granola bars, heavy on the fiber and fruit. A quick search found an uber-popular blog recipe that’s also super-easy. (A little more sugar than I’d planned, but hey. It’s for the hardworking women of the St. Mary’s Advancement Office!)

One bite, though, and I was rocketed back seven years, to a snowy week in Brooklyn, NY, where I went to help my sweet friend and new mom Rosemary take care of week-old baby Lucy. The first weeks of a baby’s life

are nothing short of miraculous, but it’s tough on the mom, both physically and

mentally, and I was so glad to be there. Every morning after Rosemary and Lucy were settled, I’d set out on a long walk, admiring the historic brownstones, gazing across to the gap in Lower Manhattan that I’ll never get over, and window shopping on some of the loveliest blocks in the world.

Eventually I’d make my way to an organic bakery on Smith Street, and buy one of their homemade granola bars, full of almonds and dried cherries and seeds and oats. At the end of the week, I took a stash of them home with me.

And tonight, I found them again, the taste of a very special week. Wonder if Lucy, now my adorable seven-year-old godchild, would like them?

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Eat At Pepe's

I have a new favorite restaurant in Memphis. I’ve eaten there off and on for a couple years now but recently I’ve tried some new things and I’m telling you, this place is fantastic.

I know ya’ll midtowners think there’s nothing good outside the 240 loop, and I’m pretty sure if you saw this obscure little storefront in a Germantown strip mall with the nondescript “Mexican Deli” above the door, you would never, ever stop there. Your loss. Because what’s behind that suburban door is something you won’t get anywhere else for miles around – authentic Mexican food.

“We don’t serve cheese dip” is the unofficial slogan of Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana. Owner Pepe Magallanes from Mexico City said he waited 24 years for someone to open an authentic Mexican restaurant in Memphis before finally doing it himself. “Texas ruined Mexican food for the United States,” he laughs. “We don’t eat rice and beans out of a can at every meal. There are actually some very upscale restaurants in Mexico.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Ben and JerrysIn celebration of its 30th birthday, today is FREE CONE DAY at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops (or as I like to call them, Crack Dens) so plan accordingly. Memphis-area stores that are participating include:

  • Downtown at Peabody Place and Third
  • East Memphis behind Houston’s on Popular
  • Germantown at the Village Shops of Forest Hill

I ate so much Cherry Garcia when I was pregnant I’m surprised Elijah wasn’t born with a stem growing out of the top of his head. Or a scruffy grey beard. But I can also HIGHLY recommend the One Cheesecake Brownie because OMG are you kidding me? Eat ice cream AND help fight world AIDS? Oh, I am SO there. But I’m thinking just to be adventurous, I might actually try Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream.

Click here to find the shops in your area that are


*We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.*

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Carrot CakeI’m not much of a cook, but I do love to bake. And I have made some kick-ass chocolate cakes in my time, but nothing – and I mean NOTHING – has earned the raves of my family like the carrot cake I made them. Seriously. I don’t get it either. I said to My Kid, “You know there’s vegetables in that.” He didn’t care. He ate two more pieces.

The lovely thing about this recipe – which I horked somewhere off the internet and do not claim to take credit for having created – is that it’s from scratch but it’s SO EASY. I tend to go for those “Start with a box of yellow cake mix…” recipes. Because, you know, why gather a lot of loose ingredients when Betty Crocker was kind enough to do it for me and package it all up in a nice little box?

And this carrot cake doesn’t require a lot of grating and soaking and preparing of raw vegetables. No, it has a SECRET INGREDIENT that makes preparation a snap. Cake recipe after the jump.

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bodendress.jpgSo I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses today, from one of my favorite catalogs — Boden, out of the UK. They’re big on patterns and dots, especially, and my is polka dots … white ones on red and brown. Totally cute and fun.

Online canadian pharmacy has become my favorite place to shop supplements, and I’m not alone. ! Each of these medications are Indian FDA approved and are internationally certified, so you know our products are safe.

Except that when I was waiting for the elevator this morning, one of the guys in my building

told me he thought my dress looked like a tablecloth!

It’s also empire-waisted, which I love because, well, you know why. Covers a multitude of sins. But some of my girlfriends in the office tell me that they’ve had people ask if they’re pregnant when they wear an empire waist.

So here’s my question: On what planet do you say stuff like this to someone? Isn’t saying, “I like your dress” good enough? Or, God forbid, keeping your mouth shut?

What should I have said to Tablecloth Man?

Effictive and really good and can’t wait to have more. . You should be able to talk with a human being, including a licensed pharmacist, to answer questions about your prescription.

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