What is iDivamemphis.com?

When I first thought of doing this, I was sitting in yet another newspaper managers’ meeting on yet another work day in Memphis. We were trying to figure out what to put on the front page of the newspaper the next day.

I found myself thinking about all of the stories I’d rather be talking about.

What I realized in that moment is that the people I wanted to talk to were women in Memphis, not the people around that table. The stories I was — I am — most interested in are stories of and about women in Memphis and across the country. Stories that don’t often come up at newspaper managers’ meetings.

Fast forward a few months, and you have what you see here.

iDivamemphis.com is meant to be a place where women in Memphis can go to see themselves. Talk about what matters to them, and keep up with the news that might not make the front page of the newspaper. It’s a site for all kinds of women, in all different places in their lives.

After a few years of blogging, writing columns from the blog for the newspaper, and editing a new women’s magazine in Memphis called Skirt! (launched in 2007), I decided it was time to do something else, and left the newspaper in 2009 for a whole new world, becoming fundraiser and communicator at an independent school in Memphis. I felt far away from those editorial meetings, much less this blog. I didn’t write much of anything outside of work for quite a while.

But I have decided to come back to my blog (it’s now fall of 2010), and continue to try to reflect on the amazing women I know, our individual and collective stories, and try to get some conversations started.

I worry that I sometimes take myself and my writing too seriously.

I worry that I won’t be able to keep up with the technology I need to do a good job on a blog like this. (Notice I haven’t posted photos in a while. I think there are lots of WordPress bells and whistles I could be using but don’t. Stay tuned … I am trying.)

Most of all, though, I can’t imagine myself without my writing, so here I go, again.

Thank you so much for reading.

How do I post comments to the site?

Posting a comment is easy, really, but you can only comment on a blog entry. Here’s how: Click on the word “Comment,” and fill in your name (make one up if you want), your e-mail address (this has to be real) and your comment. Hit “Post.” That’s it.

If you have something to say that doesn’t have to do with a blog entry, send me an e-mail with your idea/thought/suggestion at iDiva@iDivamemphis.com.

The usual etiquette rules apply here: Don’t use obscene language in your comments, and avoid gratuitous personal attacks.

Really have something to say, but don’t quite know how to write it? Here are some great tips from the MIT Media Lab on writing, editing, reporting and even photography: http://stringers.media.mit.edu/journalism.htm.

What if I want to send you a picture?

Send it in an e-mail to iDiva@iDivamemphis.com.

May I post anonymously?

You can call yourself anything you want when you post, from Anonymous to Suburbabe to MidtownMom. The thing that needs to be real is your e-mail address.

Are you going to edit things that I post?

I’ll look at all posts before they go up on the site, but I’ll probably just post most of them, unless they are obscene or libelous.

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